Choosing a Water Heater: Complete Guide

Selecting a top-notch water heater for your home can be a daunting task, requiring you to wade through a sea of options. Your search should include storage tanks, tankless models, and solar units that meet the energy efficiency and hot water consumption demands of your household. We've got you covered, though. Our comprehensive guide will show you the way to make a confident family decision. Keep reading to gain the knowledge you need! We will cover the unique advantages and disadvantages of each type of water heater to help you create a customized solution.

What you should consider

when buying a water heater

Hot water is a necessity for comfortable living at home. Choosing the optimal water heater for your property involves various factors to take into account.

  • The number of people occupying or planning to move in soon will impact what water heater capacity is necessary. A larger tank may be needed for bigger families. Make sure to install the correct size to meet your household's needs.

  • Appliances that require hot water, such as washing machines or dishwashers, may call for a larger tank to meet their usage needs. This can be easily resolved if you're on the lookout for water tanks that fit your budget and requirements.

  • When it comes to water heaters, choosing the right fuel source can make a difference in your home. You'll have several options including electric, natural gas, propane, and oil types.

  • An energy-efficient water heater model comes in two options- tank and tankless. If tanks are your preference, pick one with high energy efficiency ratings. In contrast, a tankless model would do if you want maximum efficiency.

When you've thoughtfully evaluated these factors, it won't be challenging to choose the perfect water heater based on your personal needs and the extent of your space.

Decide on a budget
for a new water heater

Choosing among water heaters can be overwhelming with an extensive range available in the market. You can simplify this task by determining your budget, preferred energy efficiency, capacity, and hot water heater types suited for your lifestyle. Some models require higher upfront expenditures, though they yield significant energy savings in the long haul. Invest wisely and opt for a high-quality water heater to slash costs in the future.

Research available water heater options

Discovering the right water heater for your home can be challenging, with so many options available. However, conducting research will provide the clarity you need to make an informed choice and find the perfect fit.

Here are the common types of water heaters and their pros and cons:

  • Tankless water heaters are efficient units for heating water only when needed. With proper maintenance, these systems can go up to 20 years without a hitch because there is no tank.

  • Traditional water heater systems with storage tanks are less efficient adapting to renewable energy, rather than large tanks that consume electricity, natural gas, propane or oil.

  • Residential solar water heaters are an eco-friendly option that harnesses the sun's energy to heat water, cutting costs on energy bills. Opting for this method is ideal for anyone who wants to go green and save money at the same time.

  • Smart water heaters are relatively sophisticated solutions available in the market, carrying a higher price but consisting of a remote temperature control system, energy monitoring capabilities and the capacity to be scheduled.

Once you've compared different water heaters, priced them out, and examined their features to align with your needs and budget, you'll have ample knowledge to make an informed decision for your home.

Compare water heater energy efficiency ratings

When selecting a water heater, it's critical to consider its energy efficiency rating. This rating translates to the amount of power the heater consumes to heat the water. A higher rating suggests increased efficiency or lower energy usage. Opting for a highly energy-efficient water heater helps to reduce utility bills and promote the environment. Do your homework and compare the available options, including tankless or tank models, to make an informed choice that aligns with your specific needs.

Research the cost of installation

and maintenance

Choosing an energy-efficient water heater is crucial for saving on bills and helping to sustain the environment. Different models, including tank and tankless, exist, so do your research to determine which best suits your needs.

  • Proper installation, maintenance, and operation of tankless, conventional storage tank, solar, heat pump, and smart water heaters require varying levels of proficiency.

  • Tankless heaters need professional installation and annual checks, while conventional storage tank heaters may require periodical maintenance like flushing out sediment or changing the anode rod.

  • Solar and heat pump heaters require professional installation and may require intermittent servicing or repairs, ensuring that they run efficiently.

  • Smart water heaters often come with installation, repair, and maintenance guarantees. Nonetheless, it is recommended that one thoroughly reviews the terms before purchasing. This guarantees you a high-quality and efficient unit.

Review warranties and safety features for each type of water heater

When searching for a water heater, it's wise to consider warranties and safety features, which help prevent malfunctions and defects while providing security for clients. Choose units with temperature control, automatic shutoff, and safety valves to avoid accidents and injuries. For your specific needs, conduct in-depth research to pinpoint the model with the most inclusive warranties and safety features.

Why it's important to hire a licensed

expert to install your water heater

Installing a water heater can be a hazardous and intricate process. That's why it's highly recommended that licensed professionals are hired for the job. In doing so, you'll enjoy numerous benefits, including a well-maintained and energy-efficient water heater, significantly reducing monthly energy bills.

  • When you hire a licensed plumber to install your water heater, you can look forward to having experienced technicians with exceptional knowledge. Experience expert installation at its finest with qualified technicians.

  • Our team uses top-notch specialized tools and the finest materials to ensure your installation is not only safe but also efficient, ultimately saving you the expense of future repairs.

  • Trusting their expertise ensures that everything is done correctly and safely.

  • You'll have access to warranties and other service guarantees or policies.

What you should consider when hiring

a licensed water heater professional

Looking for a certified water heater expert? It's important to keep a few things in mind to find the best results for you.

  • It's imperative to confirm they are licensed and insured.

  • Search or ask for references from their previous clients.

  • Ensure they offer 24/7 emergency services and check their warranties for products and services.

  • Check their warranties for products and services offered.

  • It's recommended to select a qualified contractor with experience in various types of water heaters who values customer service and communication.

  • Before locking in any service, ensure you ask whether they provide free quotes and consultations.

Due diligence is important

Choosing the perfect water heater is crucial for a reliable and secure hot water source, while also reducing energy usage. It is necessary to explore available options such as tankless, solar, and traditional storage water heaters and take into account their energy rating, installation expenses, warranty, maintenance requirements, and safety features for an informed decision. To ensure maximum satisfaction with your new water heating system, it is recommended to contact a licensed professional who can advise on the different water heater types, utility schemes, and building codes and regulations. Follow these steps to experience a durable and efficient water heater.

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